About Us

About us

Clark Studio is creative design company located in Nis, Serbia. To please the needs of our current and future customers, we are engaged in the area of Graphic design, Web presentation, Web shops, also Corporate design, UX/UI, Product design and other creative solutions.

Our creative story is straight and clear: your web-site, product, corporate and marketing material must be modern, functional and business recognizable. Our ideas and creative approach, together with your help, develop final result recognizable and admired by your clients.

Clark Studio is also engaged in developing android and IOS applications, also in actual AR- Augmented Reality applications. Motivated to offer something different and diverse from the offers of the competition, Clark Studio developed innovative solutions to uplift your business and market success. To envelope the whole process of design making from the idea to the final realization, Clark Studio made a team involved with UX/UI design, 3D modeling, programing, photograph and other creative work.

Creating design and workflow

Design process starts from the moment of meeting you and your company. During the process of realizing ideas, you are involved in every segment of work. We share ideas and creative solutions with you, up to the final outcome. We try to manage all the skills needed for your product to be presented through: 3D, Web, Android and AR applications, printed materials and other promotion solutions.

Our team will keep in touch with you. Cooperation and support can and will continue even after project realized. We like to be involved with projects that can occupy our attention to the fullest and make us work over top. At the end of that kind of project remains the feeling of contentment for you and our team.

If you have plans and thoughts about changes you have to make for your business to grow, we are expecting you. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, the challenge is the same. Clark Studio is creative design company, ready for you and ready for making your business history.


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We’re here to work on designs for all types of applications: web, advertising and promotional materials: flyers, brochures, catalogs, banners, books, design of product and packaging…

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